Using up those samples { Recycle Quick Tip #6 }

make-up recycling

Hey remember last year when I quickly mentioned those beauty samples? I was quite good in using up some of them. However I am not so big in wearing make-up. I always feel like a porcelain doll when wearing it. Every once in a while I give it a try but in the end I end up wiping it down before leaving the house. However I still collect all the sample falling off of those girls magazines.

So what to do? I figured before buying one of those bb creams or colored day creams (those I actually use for special occasions) I could just give it a try and mix my samples together.

The how-to is simple: empty all make-up samples in an empty container, mix in some moisturizing cream, stir well with a toothpick and tada… your are done!

make-up recycling

I’ve used it once. It is still a bit heavy on the make-up part and I think I add a bit more moistening cream but over all this is a good way for me to

a) use those samples
b) have a make-up-day-cream at hand
c) saving money
d) not wasting but recycling

Now dermatologists might add that you can’t just mix stuff together. Well I can. I do have a sensitive skin but no problem yet. If I might, I go back to store bought stuff or I run out anyway…

What have you been recycling lately? Let me know I am always on a look out.

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Hair accessory DIY { Winter Wedding Special }

sparkling hair accessory

Hello my dear ones!

I am back. I am back in real life, woke up from my personal fairy tale and I am back as a wife (now that does sound old and dusty…). Anyway I have a bit of a hard time adjusting and embracing the everyday and work life and all that. I know you are super excited to see some wedding pictures. Let’s start off with something simple. A quick DIY.

When planning my wedding I had big plans on what do DIY and what I wanted and on the other hand I really didn’t have a clue. Well for my hair I always knew it needs to be an up-do. However I wasn’t sure about the accessory. I was secretly wishing for a tiara but everyone kept telling me it’s cheesy and if I wanna be a princess and stuff. So I settled on a sparking simple hair comb I wanted to DIY. I got the supplies in January but didn’t do anything by mid/end of January. Being at my tailor for one of the final dress fittings we came to talk about accessories and she told me I could order some with her. So we looked into the catalogue and there it was. My dream hair thingy. So I figured why stress, just order. And while I was at it I figured: You only get married once whats the greed? Get a tiara as well and decide on your wedding day what to wear. Oh I was so happy with that decision.

But then on my last dress fitting about 10 days before the big day I learned that my order was undeliverable. Wedding accessories are only available starting in March. Hello? What about the winter bride? I know the wedding seasons high peak is in summer but really what is that? I was able to talk my tailor into giving me some sparkling ribbon thing and I got to do my DIY in the end. Here it is my sparkling hair accessory for a winter bride or any other sparkling occasion:

sparkling hair accessory tutorial

You don’t need many supplies (1). Cut two rows of ribbon the length of the comb (3). BUT add two more rhinestones to the length. This will give you a better edge finish (4,5). Then you basically you just glue everything on the comb. I started with the bottom line of sparkles and then added the top row. This way you can angle the top row a bit so it looks neater.

It is very simple isn’t it? And while I was at it I figured: why not make one for my dear readers.

So here it is – my very first Give-Away. Leave a comment and let me know what you would love to read on my blog, what you miss or why you come by. I am so curious.
I will pick a lucky winner on March 16th. Good luck to you.

Cheers, Tobia

Oh! And you probably wanna see how I ended up wearing it, huh? Well here we go:

sparkling hair accessory

Last photo taken by Anja Schneemann

Entered for the Creadienstag Roundup

Let it snow * Snowball Tutorial

snowball made of cotton pads tutorial

Hey Holidayers,

it’s 8°C outside while I am writing this post. Can you believe it? It’s winter! Not only in our hearts but also meteorologically. So come one Petrus, wake up!

But I do have a back-up plan in case he’s just not on time for Christmas. A snowball tutorial. Those snow balls will not melt. Isn’t that great? And while I’ll be working you have all the time to make yourself some. Here is how:

snow ball tutorial

1. Try to find cotton pads without any imprint and especially without sewed edges. Look at the upper one how fluffy it is. That is what your are looking for. I got mine at Rossmann.

2. Fold them to quarters and glue the tip.

3. Glue four of the quarter pieces together. Important to only glue the tip not the outer edges. Otherwise the snowball will not fan out as nicely.

4. Now bend them so you have a circle. Don’t let them dry. You get a better shape if you do this step right away. Now you have two halfs of the snowball. You can use them as gift decor too.

5. Glue two halfs together. You are done. Let’s have an indoor snow fight.

I’ve done a few last year and decorated them with pine cones and little gifts in a big glass jar. This year I need lots more. It will be part of my wedding decor. So if you are bored send some my way. I am about 300 short…

Have a wonderful day before Christmas, Tobia

Masking Tape Organization {Recycle Quick Tip #3}

How do you store your masking tapes? In the beginning I only bought myself two rolls of tape and they were neatly stored where the regulare tape was. Well, by now my collection has gotten slightly larger and they roll all over the place. Not that great…

So time to do something about it, no? Yes, recycling!

And here it is my newest Recycle Quick Tip #3:

p32_recyclingtip #3_b1

What you need: empty tetra pack, scissors, tape, craft paper.

Cut the tetra pack to your desired heights.

p32_recyclingtip #3_b2

Attach double sided tape on the upper edge. Now attach your craft paper and make sure to do so without creases.

p32_recyclingtip #3_b3

Decorate the upper edge with your favorite masking tape. Store all you tapes and voila your drawer is all cleaned up.

Happy Crafting,


Ich bring Kuchen mit {Recycle Quick Tip #2)

Hier schneit es als gäbe es kein Morgen. Perfekt für eine DIY Runde.

Sicher kennt ihr das auch, ihr wollt jemanden Besuchen, zur Party, Geburtstag oder dergleichen und wollt etwas Leckeres mitbringen. Mal wieder stellt sich die Frage wo rein damit. Und dann muss das Behältnis wieder mit nach Hause geschleppt werden. Mir geht es jedenfalls so. Hier mal eine Alternative zu Pappteller und Co. Und dabei noch nachhaltig und recycelt!

p29_recyclingtip #2_b1

Und so einfach ist das:

p29_recyclingtip #2_b2

Nehmt den Plastikbehälter (so einen wo Weintrauben, Tomaten, Möhren, etc. drin verkauft werden) und beklebt ihn an der oberen Kante mit doppelseitigem Klebeband. Anschließend das Packpapier/Verpackungsmaterial faltenfrei anbringen.

p29_recyclingtip #2_b3

Nun noch schnell die Innenseite mit Butterbrotpapier auskleiden. Sieht einfach viel hübscher aus und ich hab mich in die Farbkombi Packpapier & milchiges Pergament verliebt. Alles mit einem Haushaltsgummi fixieren. Ihr geht’s natürlich auch farbig wenn ihr mögt.

Und dann Leckereien einfüllen. Ich hab das mal mit meinen Cake Pop Pralinen gemacht.

Na dann gutes Gelingen und einen schönen Mittwoch noch. Ich düse jetzt in die VHS zu einem Fotografiekurs und bin schon ganz gespannt.