What to do with your bridal bouquet?!

Wedding preparations are so fun and exhilarating but I am pretty sure you don’t plan what to do afterwards besides maybe go on a honeymoon or paying bills.

So pretty soon you’ll wonder: what am I gonna do with my bridal bouquet. Well look no further I’ve got the perfect way to preserve it.

What to do with your bridal bouquet?

The story behind

You will carry all those memories with you – in shape of a fancy necklace. I do for sure. In my wedding planning I know quite early how my bridal bouquet was gonna look like. It was either calla lilies or white peonies. When I decided on the peonies I just had to find the perfect little flower shop in a city I didn’t know and that is a bit too traditional for my taste when it comes to flower arrangement. But somehow I found Mrs John and when walking back to the train station looking for another shop but saw some candles in tiny dark alley which were so inviting that I decided I want to go in and get a feel. Just entering I knew that gone be it. She is doing my flowers.
So when I told her I wanted peonies she tried to move mountains to get me some. Unfortunately they did not deliver and 3 days prior to the wedding I had no idea how my bridal bouquet should look like or what to do because we had to take what she bought already. If someone told me I would marry in carnations I would have yelled: never! You must know I hate carnations because I think of them as communist flowers – but mainly the red ones. And I found this really cool idea of a carnation snowball. And that’s what I ended up. Nothing I would change only maybe a bit of color at the edge of the bouquet because than you actually see it in front of the dress.

carnation bridal boquet

But anyways, you wanted to hear about the tutorial. Well I am a bit into jewelry making and so it was pretty clear to me what I’ll do with my bouquet afterwards.

Step 1 – preparation

bridal boquet to beads preparation

You can either do this with fresh flowers or with your dried bouquet – opens whole new possibilities doesn’t it?! I wanted to do mine with fresh but was sent on a surprise honeymoon.

Pick all the flower petals from your bouquet leaving a skeleton of the greens. This can be quite a meditative task.

Step 2 – cook

Yep throw them all in a big pot and add destilled water until covered.

bridal boquet to necklace

Step 3 – blend and filter

Now through the whole gooey thing into a blender and go crazy. Once that is done take a fine mesh cotton clothes and filter out the water. The flower dough should be really dry with a consistency of cookie dough.

bridal boquet coooking

Step 4 – making beads

Now comes the fun part. Form little beads and stick them on your tooth pick. They really shrink! About 50%. I didn’t believe but it’s true. Let them dry. Best for several days (or in my case weeks). Unfortunately I forget to take a picture of the fresh beads.

beads of bridal boquet

Step 5 – get creative

I read that all flowers kinda turn some shade of brown when you cook them. Specially white ones have no color on their own to bring in. So I knew I was going to paint mine. But I still wanted to see the real bouquet. So I dip dyed my beads. Since they are not waterproof I also coated them with transparent paint. After that I made jewelry.

necklace out of bridal boquet

I like what I have turned my bridal bouquet into. Now it’s you turn!

Here is what you need:
– flowers
– destilled water
– tooth picks
– paint (optional)
– clear varnish

You can also read up more on this topic here.

Please share, I would love to collect other bridal bouquet turned jewelry.

Happy bead cooking,



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Wrap it baby { Recycle Quick Tip #7 }

gift wrapping

Hey there,

are you online shopping crazy like me? I mean come on why hassle to the store, stand in line for the dressing room, fight your way to the cashier or not finding what you were looking for in the first place and ending up spending money that didn’t need spending…

Yes I am a big online shopper. I like it, it’s so much easier and much more relaxing.

However you do end up with all the boxing, papers, bubble wrap and what else. We keep some of it because we do sell online too but once in a while it’s just too big of a pile. That is when I start using the stuff laying around.

gift wrapping with masking tape

Like the other day I wrapped my friends birthday gift in boxing paper and added some masking tape.

gift wrapping with masking tape

I was quite happy with me. I thought it looked good, she liked it, less ruffle in my apartment and no trash in the can. Sounds like win-win for me.

Have a great Wednesday,


Using up those samples { Recycle Quick Tip #6 }

make-up recycling

Hey remember last year when I quickly mentioned those beauty samples? I was quite good in using up some of them. However I am not so big in wearing make-up. I always feel like a porcelain doll when wearing it. Every once in a while I give it a try but in the end I end up wiping it down before leaving the house. However I still collect all the sample falling off of those girls magazines.

So what to do? I figured before buying one of those bb creams or colored day creams (those I actually use for special occasions) I could just give it a try and mix my samples together.

The how-to is simple: empty all make-up samples in an empty container, mix in some moisturizing cream, stir well with a toothpick and tada… your are done!

make-up recycling

I’ve used it once. It is still a bit heavy on the make-up part and I think I add a bit more moistening cream but over all this is a good way for me to

a) use those samples
b) have a make-up-day-cream at hand
c) saving money
d) not wasting but recycling

Now dermatologists might add that you can’t just mix stuff together. Well I can. I do have a sensitive skin but no problem yet. If I might, I go back to store bought stuff or I run out anyway…

What have you been recycling lately? Let me know I am always on a look out.

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Hair accessory DIY { Winter Wedding Special }

sparkling hair accessory

Hello my dear ones!

I am back. I am back in real life, woke up from my personal fairy tale and I am back as a wife (now that does sound old and dusty…). Anyway I have a bit of a hard time adjusting and embracing the everyday and work life and all that. I know you are super excited to see some wedding pictures. Let’s start off with something simple. A quick DIY.

When planning my wedding I had big plans on what do DIY and what I wanted and on the other hand I really didn’t have a clue. Well for my hair I always knew it needs to be an up-do. However I wasn’t sure about the accessory. I was secretly wishing for a tiara but everyone kept telling me it’s cheesy and if I wanna be a princess and stuff. So I settled on a sparking simple hair comb I wanted to DIY. I got the supplies in January but didn’t do anything by mid/end of January. Being at my tailor for one of the final dress fittings we came to talk about accessories and she told me I could order some with her. So we looked into the catalogue and there it was. My dream hair thingy. So I figured why stress, just order. And while I was at it I figured: You only get married once whats the greed? Get a tiara as well and decide on your wedding day what to wear. Oh I was so happy with that decision.

But then on my last dress fitting about 10 days before the big day I learned that my order was undeliverable. Wedding accessories are only available starting in March. Hello? What about the winter bride? I know the wedding seasons high peak is in summer but really what is that? I was able to talk my tailor into giving me some sparkling ribbon thing and I got to do my DIY in the end. Here it is my sparkling hair accessory for a winter bride or any other sparkling occasion:

sparkling hair accessory tutorial

You don’t need many supplies (1). Cut two rows of ribbon the length of the comb (3). BUT add two more rhinestones to the length. This will give you a better edge finish (4,5). Then you basically you just glue everything on the comb. I started with the bottom line of sparkles and then added the top row. This way you can angle the top row a bit so it looks neater.

It is very simple isn’t it? And while I was at it I figured: why not make one for my dear readers.

So here it is – my very first Give-Away. Leave a comment and let me know what you would love to read on my blog, what you miss or why you come by. I am so curious.
I will pick a lucky winner on March 16th. Good luck to you.

Cheers, Tobia

Oh! And you probably wanna see how I ended up wearing it, huh? Well here we go:

sparkling hair accessory

Last photo taken by Anja Schneemann

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Let it snow * Snowball Tutorial

snowball made of cotton pads tutorial

Hey Holidayers,

it’s 8°C outside while I am writing this post. Can you believe it? It’s winter! Not only in our hearts but also meteorologically. So come one Petrus, wake up!

But I do have a back-up plan in case he’s just not on time for Christmas. A snowball tutorial. Those snow balls will not melt. Isn’t that great? And while I’ll be working you have all the time to make yourself some. Here is how:

snow ball tutorial

1. Try to find cotton pads without any imprint and especially without sewed edges. Look at the upper one how fluffy it is. That is what your are looking for. I got mine at Rossmann.

2. Fold them to quarters and glue the tip.

3. Glue four of the quarter pieces together. Important to only glue the tip not the outer edges. Otherwise the snowball will not fan out as nicely.

4. Now bend them so you have a circle. Don’t let them dry. You get a better shape if you do this step right away. Now you have two halfs of the snowball. You can use them as gift decor too.

5. Glue two halfs together. You are done. Let’s have an indoor snow fight.

I’ve done a few last year and decorated them with pine cones and little gifts in a big glass jar. This year I need lots more. It will be part of my wedding decor. So if you are bored send some my way. I am about 300 short…

Have a wonderful day before Christmas, Tobia