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Today – International Woman Day – is a new holiday here in Berlin. It kind of sneaked up on me and so I have a whole day of nothing planed. What a wonderful way to start the day. And finally a bit of brain space to get back to the blog. To get back in the swing I share with you the currently in March.

Furniture for my chaos corner in the craft lab. I have finally decided on new book shelves and they have been delivered. Assembling them though will take another year it looks like. I have ordern nine shelves and we needed 8 hours to get it to the wall. I hate hate hate this apartment for the walls. Everything is a pain, takes forever and you need to improvise.

But I do like the shelves I picked and I can see where I am heading. Now I only need a good reading chair. And with lock down still in place here it is tough to decide. Because a chair needs to be – above all – comfortable and I can’t go and test sit in any as of now. So I am wondering if I want to go ahead and order one or to be patient. I have a few options:

  • This one looks to be very comfortable and cozy
  • This one looks a bit more fancy and stylish but is it also comfortable
  • This one looks also nice and cost wise it is a deal but not sure about quality

Do you have a reading chair? What features does it need to have? And is there one you like most from the above three? All input is appreciated.

A vacation. Last time traveling was back in February 2020 – pre-pandemic. Since than we haven’t been on a proper vacation. We had three weeks of during Christmas which was nice and all but spending 24/7 in your own apartment for the past 13 month is a but exhausting. I had one weekend in the country past July but it is fading away in memory and the every day mundaneness.

So I am imagining a nice stroll on a beach, listening to the waves rolling into the sand, a strong breeze blowing, making me breath deeply, making me feeling alive.

Or imagining sitting in lakeside cabin with a good book, a warm blanket on a patio, hot tea within reach, sunshine in my eyes, listening to the birds and the forest surrounding me and maybe falling asleep.

Maybe I am imaging standing on a snow covered mountain top, letting my eyes gaze outfitting lost at the horizon, feeling small in the universe but so at home at the same time.

My daily sketched for The 100 Day project. You can follow on Instagram #100daysofcraftaliciouslinearart.

Making another batch of home made deodorant and I seriously wondering why I have not started doing this earlier. Making takes about 2 minutes, cost are pennies and I am sure what’s in it. I am still testing out the right fragrance and then I might share my learnings.

Also making space. I am working hard on selling unused items on eBay. It is slow process and a bit of a time suck but since I am really bad in throwing things out that are perfectly fine I just list them and if someone wants it I am happy and can easily part. If not well, they stay put for now. But we have ordered new sideboards for the living room and currently there are so so many dvds stored and we realized we haven’t watched on in years with all the streaming going on. So we are dissolving our dvd collection.

And then I am thinking about making another few of my Sorbian Easter Eggs. Since we are most likely spending Easter again alone in Berlin I might finally need some decorations.

Taking care of yourself. Now this is a bit of a reminder for myself if I am being honest. I have been battling many migraines lately and I know it is because I am putting to much pressure on myself of trying to work even though I am not feeling inspired, sometimes not liking the work, being in a team of egomaniacs who just want to show what successful beings they are. It is exhausting. Also I am not spending as much time outside, moving my body, being physical. I could eat better too.

Normal clothes on all weekday. I know a lot of people are not doing this in home office mode. But this is actually one thing I have always stuck to in my time of freelancing in the last 4 years. I am always wearing jeans or even a skirt, some top and most days even some mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. On lazy days it might just be the mascara. But I do not ever wear Pyjama or yoga pants at the desk – unless weekends. And my second home office rule: never eat at the desk. Not even a yoghurt.

Now what have you currently been up to? Let me know, share something fun or just say hello. Have a wonderful day and happy Monday to you


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2 thoughts on “Currently in March

  1. I love that you’re getting dressed for your work day. I should do the same… I’ve been living in sweat/yoga pants, tbh.

    I am really looking forward to the day when we can make travel plans again. We haven’t been anywhere for more than 12 months! Obviously, I am dying to visit back home.
    San recently posted…Five Things Friday Vol. 23My Profile

    1. I do miss travel a lot too. Most of all probably the change of scenery. Your own four walls only stay interesting that long… hope you can see your family sooner than later

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