Refreshing Cucumber Lemonade {Lemonade Party}

cucumber lemonade | vodka cucumber lemonade

I know, I know!

I have promised my favorite pink lemonade. Change of plans. It is too hot and this lemonade is a real refresher. I came across this recipe when planning my waffle-lemonade-party-bash. And it’s one of my favorites ever since. And sooo easy.

cucumber lemonade | vodka cucumber lemonade

When I first read the ingredients for cucumber lemonade I was not sure at all. This is supposed to taste good?

♥ one cucumber, peeled, deseeded, diced
♥ 1/4 cup lime juice
♥ 1/4 sugar (or less)
♥ 1 tbsp agave sirup
♥ 2 cups of water

cucumber lemonade | vodka cucumber lemonade

1. Add water, sugar and cucumber into a blender and puree.
2. Add lime juice and agave sirup and mix well.
3. Enjoy.

Advise: Really do add the agave sirup! This is the secret to the drink. It taste so yummy. If your worried it will get too sweet, leave the sugar. 

You know what the best thing about this cucumber lemonade is? Vodka! When the sun sets and you enjoy the heated summer night on your balcony, terrace or at a picnic at a lakes shore, add a splash of vodka and life is just great.

I will be patiently waiting until it’s time to add some booth and enjoy the rest of the sunday. All of you have a great start into the next week.


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