Homemade Ginger Ale {Lemonade Party}

homemade ginger ale

Temperatures will be high again today. Isn’t that the best time to have a cool drink in the sunshine? Last year around this time I have been spending 10 days in Vancouver.

vancouver summer flag

In Canada Ginger Ale is everywhere. I believe it is even more popular than Coke. So no suprise when I tell we drank a lot. Coming back to Europe we were kinda missing it. So I figured why not make some homemade ginger ale.

homemade ginger ale summer drink

For your own homemade syrup you need:

♥ ginger (I used two pieces about 7 cm long)
♥ 125 g sugar
♥ juice of one lemon
♥ 1 liter of water

Peel and cut the ginger into slices. Put in a pan and add water. Let rest for a while. (I believe the syrup will be more gingery – I honestly have no clue if that is true).

Start cooking for about 30 minutes until the ginger is soft and feels like cooked potatoes. Remove ginger from pan and add sugar and lemon juice. Cook for another 15 min until consistency is syrupy. Still hot, fill into glass bottles and have them stand upside down for 15 minutes (this vacuums the bottles).

homemade ginger ale summer drink

Edit: I used brown sugar because I figured it would be a nicer color. I later read that brown sugar will cover the spiciness of the ginger. So I will give it another try with regular sugar. Because for me it is too sweet and not spicy enough. But I guess you need to figure that out on your own.

Also check out the mint syrup and rhubarb syrup in our little summer lemonade party. I think next up will be pink lemonade – another favorite I only get in the U.S.

Have fun and let me know how your homemade ginger ale turned out,


9 thoughts on “Homemade Ginger Ale {Lemonade Party}

  1. Großartig! Warum bin ich noch nie auf die Idee gekommen, Ingwer auch eiskalt zu genießen ;-)? Im Winter ersaufe ich nämlich in dem Zeug!
    Einen sonnigen Sonntag von

  2. Hallo Tobia,
    ganz lieben Dank für die herzlichen Worte :-)) Genieß einfach ein bisschen die Aus-zeit. Ich weiß..ist viel einfacher gesagt als getan…es wird sich Neues ergeben :-)) das kommt schon, ganz sicher!
    Vielen Dank für Deine Foto Ausflüge und auch für das Rezept. Hört sich gut an :-)) Bis bald, Dir auch noch eine gute Woche :-))

    1. Danke. Ja noch bin ich entspannt und genieß den Sommer… Ich hoffe auch das mir was passendes in den Schoß fällt ;-)

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