10 Things You should read while I am on the road

A long time I have talked about going to Blogtacular! It’s finally here! I’ll be in a room full of creative people.

And I’ve prepared something for you to spend your time while I am gone. Why don’t you read my 10 most favorite blog posts here on craftaliciousme?

 bridal boquet to necklace

DIY Craziness

♥ My idea of saving the world of dusted bridal flowers – make jewelry and wear it!

♥ No secret that I am the biggest X-mas addict around. In 2014 I had my DIY advent calendar. I think the star lantern is my fave. But then I love the magnet too.

Baking Away

♥ Read the story behind my love for blueberries and make yourself a yummy blueberry cheese cake.

♥ I love bread. Specially when its homemade. Here is my take on potato bread.

blueberry cream cheese cake

Photo Love

♥ I love browsing Berlin with my camera. I take you on a walk through this lovely garden.

♥ Always amazed what nature is throwing at us. When we look closely you can find the weirdest seeds!

 weird fall seed


♥ Just realizing I only have one travel post up. Crazy I’ve been to 20+ countries… But this is a great one: My honeymoon at the arctic circle.

snowy landscape at glass igloo

Living Life

♥ I am big fan of lists and I feel setting goals is important to not get lost in the everyday hustle. And specially New Years.

♥ It’s not all rainbows and unicorns so I struggled with job hunting in 2013 and wrote about it.

♥ Having a great drink and being relaxed is a wonderful. Even better with homemade lemonades. Pink Grapefruit is my fave.

homemade pink lemonade

Now you read and I better get going to the airport.

Happy reading,


Bonus: I forgot my most favorite DIY!

10 Things getting ready for blog conferences :: Blogtacular 2015

Only a couple more weeks and I’ll be sitting with a bunch of creative people and chat and learn and laugh while being on the blogtacular conference.

The last conference I went to was so very last minute I couldn’t prepare at all. This time I am all in to get the most out of it. Here is my list – and yes I might take it a bit too serious but hey I did spend money to go.


1. Get excited

When I planned on going somewhere I couldn’t be more happy to have Elisa jump on the band wagon. Because getting excited together is just so much more fun. Hubby sure listens to my babble but he’s not going so obviously he doesn’t care that much. And doing a bit of planning together and pitching ideas and realizing over and over again: same idea! Yeah high five blogging friend! Is just exhilarating. Don’t know anyone yet? Go anyways! What do you think where Elisa and I met?

2. Who will be there

It’s always great to know who is attending. I started following all people I know will be there on bloglovin and Twitter. I set up a bloglovin file for blogtacular speakers, blogtacular attendees and blogtacular faves (like the blogs I really have a connection with). I also have Twitter lists for speakers and attendees. I try to primarily read blog posts of blogtacular attendees, try to comment and already build a connection. I am sometimes shy when I see someone I want to talk to. Already having a connection might help.

3. Make a list

After getting to know the people I start a tiny list of people I would really like to talk to. I don’t know if I will (dare) manage to meet all but at least I define it before. Otherwise I might be overwhelmed. My list includes name, blog name and Twitter handle (so I actually have a way to contact onsite.)

4. Elevator Speech

I have a hard time saying in two sentences what this blog is about. I started out with crafting and baking but I don’t think that covers it now. Looking at my categories it says most stuff is “Just Life” so is it a creative and delicious lifestyle blog? I need to figure it out before the conference. Help and feedback welcome!

5. Have a great picture

Load up a picture at Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/e.g. where people will recognize you. Like your face. I know, not a fan either but hey you wanna get to know people so they probably should recognize you, huh? And it should be the same on all platforms.

6. Equipment check

What will you need to bring?! I read of additional chargers (don’t have one) so I better pack a cable, camera (I need a new battery), I wanted to get a phone cover (better order soon √) and I need to figure out if a laptop is necessary. And I need to stock up of cute pens and maybe sew them a little pouch so they don’t get lost. I already have a fun notebook including notes from my first blogging conference.

7. Know your blog stats

Just in case you are meeting the most awesome company asking for a cooperation. A girl can dream, right?

business cards craftaliciousme

8. Get your business cards

For my last conference I was really last minute and handmade a few cards. I loved them but with the blog redesign I needed new ones. I ordered them right away so I am already set. But you should definitely have some and if only to collect creativity from other bloggers by exchanging.

9. Outfit

I usually don’t plan my outfits that much in advance and just go with what I feel like but I am all set for an outfit and try to gather and make the missing pieces. I am kinda running out of time though. But as you already know I am a color-coding person so my color palette for the trip is set to blues, whites and I think pinks.

10. Enjoy

Being all set leaves only one thing to do: ENJOY. Even though I’ve got my list of people I would like to meet and sponsors to introduce myself I will not force it. If it doesn’t happen it doesn’t. I’d rather be open and go with the flow.

Now, who is going too?! And who has a few more good ideas or things to think of?! Let’s hear it!

How all this went down you’ll read here in June!

Happy planning, Tobia

10 TV Shows I am currently watching

Going through this blog I realized I have never really mentioned what I do most nights and on my weekends. Lots of people spend every minute of there free time running around meeting people and doing stuff. I and specially we prefer a cozy night on our couch getting carried away with the latest TV show. We’ve got a broad collection of DVDs too and a whole seperate Expedit for TV shows. And now that there is Netflix and Amazone Prime its even easier (and cheaper) to engage in this hobby.

10 tv shows to watch

So as of now I’ve listed our current watch list of TV shows:

1. Once upon a time

Just got done watching season 3 over Christmas and now waiting for season 4. Just loving how the stories, tales and legends are all tangled up and whenever a new character enters the screen you immediately wonder what fairy tale character that might be. It also made me realize that I don’t know all the stories woven into the show hence my goal to read up on some classics.

2. Castle

This is a great show for week nights. Interesting and fun to entertain you for some time but not too tough too stop watching when its time to go to bed. However I do think the first couple seasons were better. We are currently watching Season 4.

3. House

Don’t you just have to hate-love Dr. House? Such an a** but so brilliant? The stories are just like riddles and we always try to be brilliant ourself and start guessing the disease… Still it’s not too engaging and you can just turn off when you need to get going. Always a good thing.

4. Bones

This show appeals to me due to the archaeologic and scientific approach. I mean I did want to become an archeologist! I also think there are some cool characters in the show. And hello David Boreanaz?! Do I need to say more?

5. New Girl

Doesn’t this one just makes you smile? She is sooo goofy and adorable. It’s kinda like a jump start to easy and happy times. And there are some great dialogues hidden, really.

6. Broke Girls

Perfect episodes of 20 minutes if you have some extra time to spare/ waste. Not very challenging and not really anything to miss if you do something else besides watching. So we are currently in the midst of season 2.

7. Fringe

Well this one is a tough one currently. We are stuck with season 5 (I think). It’s just getting a bit weird. I mean it’s been strange and freaky from the beginning but somehow it’s just a bit too much right now. That’s way we are taking somewhat of a break with Fringe currently.

8. Sherlock

This one we actually stumbled upon after watching the pilot of elementary and then telling a friend about it who just handed us season 1. What we then watched in one weekend and started season 2 right away. So now it’s waiting for season 4.

9. Vampire Dairies

When we started VD we we were just getting done with Angel and Buffy and were all into the vampire thing. And True Blood wasn’t available. So we started. And it was great – in the beginning. Now we are at season 5 and it’s not so appealing anymore. I don’t know why I guess I just need to get back into the mood.

10. Greys Anatomy

I know everyone is just such a great fan of this show. I however am a bit ambivalent towards this one. I really really hate the main character – from minute one. This doesn’t change – ever. I preferred the spin off Private Practice much more. Probably the reason why we are still not done with this one – need to start Season 10.

Well, that’s it for now. Do you have any suggestions? What should we be watching next? What do we need to see? Let me know.

Happy watching,


Edit: And right when I was done writing we started watching S.H.I.E.L.D. Hello Joss, can you please hurry up shooting the next season?!

Edit: and in case you wonder where I have spent all my time already check out my list of tv shows I’ve watched…

10 Things I Love About Advent + Announcement

Can you believe it? So close to December? So close to Advent? As you might remember from last year I am all for advent season. And I have been making plans for this season starting in July. No I am not joking. But first we start of with (only) 10 Things I Love about Advent:

1. Excitement

The excitement until Christmas is finally here. A bit of childhood come back and life kinda seems so much more easy.

golden pine cones

2. Advent Wreath Mania

Making my annual advent wreath. And making one for my mom. It’s my way of saying thank you and an excuse to make two. And to try out new colors and ideas.

3. Yummy Hot Drinks

Drinking hot something’s like cider, hot chocolate or tea, sitting in my favorite snuggle up couch nook just looking out of the window and watching the snowflakes dance.

4. Decoration Spying

Observing when and how the Christmas decoration is been set up in neighboring apartments. As kids we would count Christmas tree when driving to our grandparents so I guess parts of it stuck with me.

5. Christmas Movies

Snuggle up with a blanket and watching Christmas movies. Or just our favorite evergreen tv shows. It’s our quality time right here.

6. Crafting.

For me advent is all about making something. I find peace in doing so and during advent it all seems magical.

7. Christmas Cookies

Having an excuse to eat I ton of Christmas cookies. And I mean a ton. It’s just so darn good. And I do bake a lot too. Something around 5-12 different recipes is common. It’s just when you discover a great recipe you have to do it but you also want to try new ones, right?!

christmas cookies

8. Advent and Christmas Music

Listening to the “Weihnachts Oratorium” by Johann Sebastian Bach. This is when the Season really arrives for me. If I get the chance I go to a concert with my mom. I really wanna go this year.

9. Season Themed Clothes

Having an excuse to wear season themed clothes. Yes I do have a pompom sweater, Merry Christmas earrings, ice skating boots and just asked my mom to knit me a star sweater for Christmas. Do you wear seasonal outfits?

10. Winter Smell

And then there is the winter smell – cold air with a pinch of stove smell. And sometimes hopefully soon you can smell the snow. And when coming inside it’s all about cinnamon and oranges, walnuts and fir sprigs.

 Now the big announcement!

I have been busy during the last months and I am more than happy to announce that I really really managed to come up with a DIY Advents Calendar. WHOOOHOOOO! Are you excited? I sure am. So connect on all channels (Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin, Google+, Blogconnect) and don’t miss out. Lots of DIYs and little crafting projects coming your way. We get started December 1!

But for now enjoy the last pre-advent moments.
See you around, Tobia

10 Weird Seeds I’ve discovered on a fall walk in the park

We are right into the middle of fall even though my mind is racing toward winter, advent and christmas. Oh I’ve got so much stuff planned….

BUT IT IS STILL FALL! So I am trying to soak up a few fall moments and enjoy the fresher air (sometimes smelling like snow flakes) and the brighter colors and walk through life with open eyes.

That is when I came across really crazy weird seeds and fruits.

As I have no clue (mostly) of what they are it’s gonna be just numbers. But if you know more than I let me know!


weird fall seed





#3 oh, I know this one: beechnut




weird fall seed


#5 yeah me another one: larch pine cones

larch pine cones



weird fall seed


#7 ok this one is easy: hazelnut



#8 alright now that is kindergarten: chestnut




weired fall seed


#10 well this one is technical no seed but I love the picture and I got real dirty taking it so it has a right to be shown here.

mushroom in fall


Have you taken any fall walks? Let me know where I can see some pictures.

Have a great day, Tobia