Happy weekend to everyone.

I had a great, happy, productive week and it calls for Denise’s happiness project.

Lets Dance urban art

It all started last Saturday with my dad birthday party that is a huge thing every since I can remember. After college (or maybe even during college) he decided to throw a big annual gathering every Saturday after his birthday inviting all his college buddies. And throughout his life more people got invited  and some didn’t show up anymore. I grew up with this scenario and I just love it. I meet those people every year. Some I don’t even know their names but somehow its just right. You take part in each other’s life maybe just for this one night.

I had time to walk around the neighborhood taking pictures. Well, actually I didn’t feel like taking pictures but had an assignment for my photo class. And isn’t it great that inspiration comes when you least expect it? I was suddenly seeing so many interesting lines and found so many perspectives of this one building I stumbled across. I love this. And the weather was nice too – crisp winter air.

urban lines and patterns

Another thing I started this week – again – was using my yoga app. I woke up with back pain and decided to give it try again. Isn’t it amazing how fast one (me!) forgets how helpful, relaxing, good something is? So I did yoga two days in a row and hope to do more of it in the future.

A few other things happened for me this week that left me optimistic and energized (like this Shrimp Pak Choi Risotto with Coconut milk) but they don’t fit in here right now.

Overall I am happy. And I look forward to the weekend. Are you doing anything fun?

Happy weekend,




I started in a slow Saturday over here.

Sleeping in, drinking a coffee while reading an article in an older flow magazine and just enjoying the stray snowflakes outside.

And my thoughts went back to last week and it was a happy one.

First of all: SNOW. It started with a photo tour through the park on Sunday morning before breakfast. I spent hours trying to capture birds and snowflakes. And then more snow on Wednesday where I walked to my appointments just to be on the dancing snowflakes.

winter in Berlin

Then second: I took a ton of pictures. I am not sure if I have mentioned it here on the blog but I started a photo class at the community college in November. Every other week we get homework and have to work on a project. This past week and was trying to catch up on 2,5 tasks. We just started with architecture photography and here is one of the many shots I took.

Berlin Architecture

It was a beautiful day out. I ones again realized how happy it makes me to be outside, walk and look directionless through my neighborhood. I also managed to get in a ton of steps which made me pretty happy too.

And then I took time to cook myself some lovely meals this week. I am usually too lazy or have to make something we both eat. This week I came up with an awesome Shrimp Pak Choi Risotto. Stay tunes, the recipe will appear on the blog.

As you can see my week has been blessed. Hope yours has been too.

Now of to Denise to check out more happiness.

Happy Weekend



Yeahh for the weekend. I really looked forward to this one. I need some couch time. The last week was so busy.

Hamburger Hafen

Lets see. It all started out with a trip to Hamburg for Blogst 2016. But first I spend 3 hours chatting away with a family friend before I made my way o the hotel.

It was my first Blogst conference and I wanted to go for the last years. 2016 I got lucky and managed to snag a ticket. And I was excited. And nervous. I don’t do really good in environments where I do not know a single soul. I tend to hide and read a book instead. That is what happened during the networking event Friday night. I showed up, I felt uncomfortable after a short while and so I disappeared and read in my room. But I was annoyed with myself because I did want to meet new people who share the love of blogging.

So next try on Saturday and I went down to breakfast even though I didn’t want to eat. And I met Dana who I already knew from a lettering workshop I attended in 2015. We ended up spending lot of time together and it was fun.

The conference itself was fun too. After my not so impressed experience in 2015 at Blogtacular I just had low expectations for the sessions. And being part of the online community (in my private and business life) I didn’t expect to be blown away with new knowledge. Still I learned a few things. But my main focus was to get back into the blogging habit, find new inspiration and meeting people. And I did talk to Lisa, Annalena, Nina, Sandra, Jessica, Julia and Sabine and a few others I am sure. Also I wanted to get a bit more insight on how cooperations work and how other bloggers are handling that.

So it was nice to have a few sponsors set up and getting to talk with them. I talked long with Schwartau. They also provided the most yummiest Gingerbread Cupcakes. Food and Beverages for pretty good in general. Lunch was mainly salad (sponsored by Bonduelle) and sandwiches which was fine by me but I didn’t get a sandwich the first day and didn’t have breakfast. Well I had a few cupcakes more. The plates and cups were sponsored by RICE and we could take ours at the end of the conference. I might keep my cup but will give my plate to my godchild for Christmas.

food at blogst 2016

My main focuses for the conference have a big check mark. Monday I sat down and wrote a blogpost, I also had a major inspiration overload and scribbled down lots of ideas. Wednesday I made an editorial calendar for the rest of the year and took a bunch of pictures. I am so motivated. I will not meet my years goal but I am (hopefully) back.

However this was only the weekend. I also spent a lot of time with my photography courses. I decided to sign up for a 9 months long class and a couple of special topic classes. One is low light photography where those pictures where taken.

low light photography

As you can see I have been busy. What have you been up too? I’ll  be heading over to Denise and Andrea to see how your week was. Will I meet you there?

Happy weekend



Hello There,

Remember me? Yeah, I still exist and since I haven’t been too chatty lately I figured I give you an update of my last week. And it’s been a while since I had my last little happiness review – featuring one of my most loved pictures by the way… Yes, go and check it out.

Last week has been lots of fun.

Monday started of with my third class in jewelry making – like the real stuff with flames and tools. I finished this ring and even though I don’t like gold I have been wearing it. It’s been a practice piece to try all the different techniques. I have a ton of ideas now but the workshop is only three more times…. ahhh the pressure is on!

handmade crown ring

Have you heard about CreativeLive? No? You NEED to check it out. It’s a website with online classes for the creative. You can buy the classes and download or be lucky enough to have time to watch the free classes when broadcasted. Due to time difference it’s not that easy for us Europeans but it’s possible. Specially on the weekend. I have been watching the free classes all week long from photography to building an Etsy store front to organizational tips. I am hooked. Who is with me?

And while watching I had an really creative afternoon on Thursday and made lots of new jewelry pieces. Remember my lace necklace? I had dyed a bit more of the lace back then but never got around to making something out of it. Oh and I was on a roll. Only stopped because I was missing the right beads to go with them in the end.

handmade lace earings

Those were my happy moments. What have been yours?

Happy weekend,


At the moment #2/2016

A year ago Bine had her Schreibzeit series going. One topic was: At The Moment. As I loved it very much I figured why not make it an annual thing.

Sun over croatian coast at the moment

… At this moment:

.I think: I might have found a job I actually can stand for a while, which is inspiring and makes me happy. I don’t want to jinx it though and it’s been only three days. But keep your fingers crossed.

.I like: Green asparagus. I could eat it all day every day. And I have this huge craving for ice cream. I need to get my ice machine ready to try out all those yummy recipes I have been collecting on my Pinterest board: yummy icecream.


.I don’t like: Waking up to my neighbors smoking. It seems like overtime we open our windows they decided to have a smoke. And then it just stays in the air – in our apartment. It sucks and its the worst during summertime. The times I question being a tenant.

.I feel: Pretty good. The last days were happy. I had lots of time for myself. I took a whole spa day and it gave so damned much that I decided to do this every three months. Falling asleep to the sound of leaves and feeling the wind on your skin. Nothing beats that in my book for total relaxation!

.I wear: My pjs but beside that more self sewn clothes. I made some palazzo pants and a maxi dress. I also have a couple t-shirts and I am planning on doing more. And of course flip flops. It’s this kind of time!

.I need: A (tiny) house by the sea. Or some sort of water.

.I’m annoyed by: Too many things I cannot change. So I need to stop being so annoyed by it.

.I want: To be able too eat ice-cream all day long and still look like I just dropped out of the gym.

.I hear: Too much. I am still believing the silence is one of the most underestimated things. I love not hearing anything for a while or just one sound and not the bustling noise of the city. Don’t get me wrong it is nice to but you can’t just turn it off.

.I’m making: Yesterday I made two earrings really quick as I was missing the perfect piece for my outfit. Usually those are the best makes. But then again so many more ideas and not enough time to do it. Or maybe it is just a priority issue…

.I eat: Asparagus. Strawberries. Veggies. Yoghurt. Ice cream.

.I drink: Homemade iced tea. I mixed myself some tea and its perfect for iced tea as it has a spicy punch to it. Also lots of infused water. I am drinking lots lately and it feels great!

.I smell: Summer.

.I miss: The sea. We’ve been to Croatia lately and the smell and the sound of the sea is so calming. I am missing clean air to breath.

.I regret: Not living closer to certain people. But between the Caribbean, U.S. and Australia I am pretty much centered here in Europe…

.I dream: Of a happy work life ahead of me. Of my creativity coming back of being more inspired and of daring to pursue my dreams.

.I think: Life is good. Its a nice feeling for a change.

Please feel free to join in. I would love to hear about your “At the moment” experience.

Happy Sunday,