November Reflections and December Intentions

Grace 2021 time for those resolution green leavery

Wow, what a whirlwind of month November has been. Not only did I do the NaBloPoMo challenge and blogged daily which did take a bit of time and commitment I also had a lot to do for my job. The entire months was so filled with content creation that I am a bit surprised I have any ideas and thoughts left. But as I said yesterday already once you start creating you can’t stop. It is that flow thing. Which is a whole other post I didn’t get to do in November. But I’m rambling. Best way to get a grip, is to do some November reflections and December intentions

But before I dive into that here is my favorite quote this month.

Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.

Henry David Thoreau

NOVEMBER Reflections

Reflecting on my set intentions.

  • I will make a traditional Stollen using grandmas old recipe – and maybe making my own version
    Check. I did last weekend. It was not as difficult as expected but I also haven’t tried any of the Stollen yet. It still needs to sit and develop its flavor.
  • I will join NaBloPoMo and will blog daily throughout November
    Another check. You can see an overview of all my posts here.
  • I will host a dinner party for my mom – her birthday present
    I am on a roll. Dinner party was a success.
  • I will participate in my annual volunteering for “Christmas in a Shoebox” with my sister
    This happened last Friday and I took you along here too.
  • I will meet my sisters new boyfriend
    As I said I am on a roll. We were invited for coffee and Christmas cookies. It was a nice afternoon.
  • I will drive to my families country home and spend a few days
    I guess that also has happened this months. See,s so far away. I actually went twice. And I took you on a stroll.
  • I will look for charity organizations to send Christmas letters to elderly citizens
    Half done. I signed up to sent letters to 7 elderly people and tomorrow a sign up form opens for Post mit Herz.
  • I will step out of my comfort zone – not sure how yet
    Mhm I am not sure what my intention was here. I think I need more actionable intentions
  • I will do some blog work behind the scenes
    I bought a new theme and hope to give the blog a new look. Other than that I didn’t do all the things I keep telling myself I would.
  • I will get the most of the Christmas shopping done.
    Surprisingly for me I really do have about half the presents done or at least ordered. Still needing some ideas and lots of time for execution on those ideas I have.
  • I will do that detox week
    HA! Finally one I didn’t crush. I guess that detox things is something for 2022.

How did I incorporate my word of the year GRACE?

Also most done with my check-ins of my word 2021. Trying to be extra mindful for the final weeks with my word:

  • Taking mornings walks when I was in the country.
  • Helped an old lady that got stuck with her walker in a door.
  • Put some new outfits together that made me feel good.
  • Worked on my patience.
  • I listened at a co-worker who needed to talk
  • Accepted my moods and tried to acknowledge the feeling
  • I took different routes one my way home
  • I learned Spanish and gave myself permission to break my 188 day streak because it was too much this months
  • Enjoying a bath after a long day
  • Lunch with myself and not reading or scrolling. Just sitting observing and having my thoughts fly by.
  • Took a very hot shower and it was amazing

DECEMBER Intentions

I have already written my winter bucket list so some of the intentions I have already mentioned before but lets put a date to it, shall we:

  • I will read some Christmas books. Looking at you “Die schönsten Wintermärchen“, “Schöne Bescherung” and an Adventkalender book I was gifted many years ago.
  • I will send out Christmas cards.
  • I will find my guiding Word for 2022
  • I will set intentions and goals for 2022
  • I will hopefully celebrate Christmas with my family
  • I will sell another 3 items on eBay Kleinanzeigen
  • I will clean my office / craft lab before going on Christmas vacation
  • I will clean the oven after all the baking shenanigans
  • I will do the pine cone DIY
  • I will enjoy the time and season and try not to put too much on my plate
  • I will watch snowflakes dance
  • I will watch all the Christmas movies and some
  • I will do at least 15 prompts of the December Actions for Happiness

So excited for December. After cramming my calendar in November to have more time for fun stuff, DIY time and enjoying the holidays I hope that it pays off.

Do you have some fun intentions for December?

Happy Holidays


8 thoughts on “November Reflections and December Intentions

  1. You did amazingly well in November. Good for you. It’s definitely true: creativity and productivity breed more of the same!

    I am super-excited about your new blog layout. I remember years (?) ago when we go matched to help each other with our blogs (remember that? I don’t even remember where and how, but I remember the email we exchanged!)… I am itching for something new myself, although I am pretty happy with my “minimalist” theme right now.

    1. I definitiv remember. It was the start to this online friendship. Wasn’t it “MädchenmitHerz” not sure. I think it also was some sort of challenge to update your blog and get feedback from someone else. I do remember I bought a theme and got one for free and that is the one you are using. What fun times. I’ve waited for black-friday sale to jump on a new theme. Last year I missed it but this time I was prepared. I like my blog design over all however some technical issues start appearing and so I need to update. Now I just need to do it. I love your minimal style too. If it still works well maybe just a few tweaks will give it a face lift. But I understand wanting some change. Maybe we should team up again and hold ourselves accountable.

        1. Sounds like a plan. Maybe some February thing? My January is already packed with trade fairs and work travel. Let’s keep discussing in email ☺️

    1. Yes I definitely agree that some structure helps. I have my (ambitious) annual goal list but I have realized in the past that this monthly breakdowns help me to make progress. I haven’t done it every year and I am not sure I will do so in 2022 but for the time being it was a good thing. Maybe a quarterly ting.

      I am just loving lists and seeing progress.

  2. I loved reading about the (wild) success of your November intentions, and about your intentions for December. I am especially interested in how you choose your word of the year — I did this for the first time in 2021 and am not sure I did it “right.” But I love the idea of a single concept guiding me throughout the year!
    Suzanne recently posted…Grumpy Morning, Booster, Dinners This WeekMy Profile

    1. Thank you Suzanne for stopping by. I am actually working on post where I gather resources to come up with your word of the year. You may also look back at my first January post in each year. That is where I talk about it – al lot. But I try to get the post up asap so there is enough of time. I still waiting for a couple links to be active. But the most important thing – there is no right or wrong when choosing a word. What ever you feel is right is right.

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