It’s time to meet for our virtual coffee date and I am so thankful for you to join me again.

First of I would…

pour us a cup of coffee and add a spoon of coconut oil. It’s my current favorite and perfect way to flavor the coffee without adding any sugar. It’s also quite filling. Did you ever try it?

I would…

then like to tell you about my struggle to finish my current book “The sudden appearance of Hope”. I have started it over three weeks ago and for some reason it takes forever to get through. Maybe it’s because I have a lot of other stuff going on and I am regularly reading something else, but still. I’ve a lot of thoughts about this book and think I need to sort this out in a separate post. Have you read this book yet?

I would…

want to tell you about the new car we finally picked up last weekend. It’s been ordered in June and was supposed to be delivered end of November. So it’s high time we finally got to pick it up. Unfortunately all the delay is just taking the fun out of it… Weird way the human mind works.

I would…

like to let you know that my photo job I mentioned last time went really well. The client was more than happy and I have been able to pick up a few more tricks. But I love learning so I booked myself a portrait workshop at the community college. I’ve been waiting for this course two years. The professor was on maternity leave and I happy she’s back so I can finally take the class.

Also I would…

want to know if you are joining #the100dayproject. I will participate for the fourth time. I successfully finished in year one with #100daysofcraftaliciouspatterns and in year three with #100daysofcraftaliciousdrops. Currently I have a list of five ideas. The whole fun starts on April 2. Let me know if you join so we can motivate each other when it gets tough.

And finally I would…

let you know that my godchild will come visit over the weekend. She is already over twenty. The weather will be poor so it will be lots of movies (our favourite) with some Gin Tonics and just hanging out and enjoy our time together. I always cherish those weekends.

Now I need to run and get everything in order for the weekend, catch up on some work, run a few errands…

Later I’ll take a break and jump in for a coffee with Lecy and Denise and see how she is doing this time around. Who will I meet?

Have a wonderful day



  1. Oh a new car! What kind? I can imagine that waiting for it took the fun out of it a little bit.

    Yay for the photo job… that’s so exciting! :)

    1. Well we knew we had to wait but due to new regulations it was delayed and we had to extent our previous contract and had to pay extra fees we hadn’t anticipated. But now we are proud owners of a VW T-Roc. And yes the Photo Jobs are really exciting. So happy with the course my freelancing is taking.

  2. Hope your photography workshop goes well! It’s always good to be learning new things. I’m in the process of buying a new car too. Nothing yet, but we’re visiting car yards to find the right one. It can take such a long time! And I’ve never tried coconut oil in my coffee or tea but I love the taste of anything coconut so I’m curious to try it now! Lovely to meet with you this month, Tobia!

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I am looking forward to my workshop. And yes i hate car shopping and the length of it. I’ve never tried coconut oil in my tea but I can see how lovely it goes with green tea. Have to try that.

  3. I’ve never tried coconut oil in coffee before, but it sounds delicious! I’ve not heard of that book. I’m definitely going to check it out soon. I do want to try the 100 Day Project. I started it last year, but did not last more than a week. I need to think about what kind of project I want to do this year. Can’t wait to see what you do! Thanks so much for joining the coffee date this month! Hope to see you next time! <3
    Lecy | A Simpler Grace recently posted…If You and I Had Coffee | vol 33My Profile

    1. This would be so fun if you joined in the 100 day project too. I have not finished one year – I wasn’t too involved in my project and then my grandpa died. Something are just more important than finishing. And I would be really interested what you think of the book.

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