I am loving those annual reviews. They make you remember what happened the last 365 days and more than once I have rediscovered memories buried so deep that I didn’t know they happened. I also love those tv shows and try watching at least one but lately they really suck.

Anyway, after year one and year two here comes my recap of blogging year number three.

3 years of blogging

I don’t feel I have had the greatest blogging experience this year. Maybe I was preoccupied or maybe I felt other things had more importance in life. I don’t know.

This year I have been writing 57 blog posts. I am a bit sad that it is less than last year (75) but I guess that’s life. August was the best months and the month I was staying home unemployed so I guess you know why. But February with my little wedding series was good too. And as always December ist strong. I have many more ideas and I am hoping I will break the trend and write more, show you more and inspire more.

I am so glad that people stop by and read my words. I know we all have lots going on so I am thankful that you spend a few minutes of your life to read my blog. A special thanks to my most loyal blog readers who also take the time to leave a comment. Thank you Elisa, San, Feliz and Selma. Every comment makes me happy. I am also grateful for all the pople following me on Twitter (230), Pinterest (263) and Bloglovin (38). When I registered for a the blog conference Blogtacular they wanted to know my instagram handle. Didn’t have it. Who has time for another social media account, right? Anyhow like 2 hours later I signed up and I have to say while Twitter was my favorite 2014 it was Instagram (89) this year.

my instagram

In 2015 most people looked for mood boards on my blog. But again my wreath ideas are really popular too. Also a lot of you wanted to read about missed chances and why it’s ok. And a few of you searched for Kermakakku. My favorite post this year was probably my recap of our trip to the arctic circle. The article I put the most thought into was about my personal style. I also participated in some of Bine’s Schreibzeit topics but didn’t get around to writing as many as I hoped for. New year, new chance…

I created a new page for all my Advent and Christmas related topics. This took me forever to do as I didn’t understand the set up of the plugin. Just when I was ready to leave it be I decided to search one more time for a plugin. Well this one was great and I set up the page in an hour or so. And also my Dawanda shop got his own page.

While I was quite creative this year I feel like I didn’t spend much time on my photography. I blame it on my camera. I am no longer happy with it and might need to save up for a new one.

This year was probably my hardest blogging year so far. I had a lot of ideas but no time or energy to realize them. Often times I thought I should post something. Remembering why I started though kept me sane and I didn’t stress when I had nothing to share or just didn’t feel like it.

I am excited for 2016 and looking forward what it will bring.

Happy end of the year to you,



Good Morning to you all,

it’s Saturday! How much I needed this day to come. And we are right in the middle of my happiness review. I am off work for the rest of the year! I am so happy about it. I am so needing this. And the great thing: Mr. ♥ is too. So we actually have a few days to spent, have movie marathons, hot chocolate and just relaxing. Well a few things need to be done but right now it’s all about imagining a quiet and peaceful time.

apple cinnamon oats and reindeer sweater

And of course I also had the joy to open my DIY advent calendar every morning. Here is what I found:

DIY advent calender 13 & 14 & 15

#13 a notebook by Sabine | liebesseelig #14 lavender pillow Patricia #15 a short break and some hot chocolate made by Debbi | fräuleinshafi

DIY advent calender 16-19

#16 key chain by Ulrike #17 reindeer noses by Kerstin | fräuleinkaos #18 star ornament with beads by Guido | tischundgarten #19 a star garland made by Merle | fraumasulzke

And my planner for 2016 arrived! I told you about my investing in a crowdfunding project already and I am thrilled to start writing down some thought I kept in my mind because I wanted to put them in the new planner. I love love love the end of the year and the thinking, reevaluating and making of new plans.

Ein Guter Plan - my planner for 2016

And I was visiting the Christmas Market with my old boss. We had lots of fun. Had one too many of the punches and yummy food to eat. It was just a great evening of talking and enjoying the atmosphere. I still have a few things of fun to cross off of my advent wish list. So maybe I start sewing my bling bling shirt for the holidays today. What are you up to?

Happy 4. Advent,


10 Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas

Only a few more days until Christmas. Are you all done on your shopping list? Or did you plan on doing lots of handmade gifts this year? If so you might enjoy my round-up of last minute DIY Christmas gifts (click on the pictures for the full post and tutorial).

1. Homemade Tea

I am a big sucker for chai teas. Mostly they are way too sweet for my taste. You are with me? Make your own.homemade gift chai tea

But then on the other hand there is nothing better than a hot cup of green tea for breakfast, no?

gift idea homade vanilla green tea


2. Baking goods

Do you love baking? Do you have friends who love baking? Why not make them a little baking kit with lots of supplies?

baking gifts


3. Star Hair Accessory 

Making hair accessories is actually quite simple. Here is a sparkling one.

sparkling hair accessory


4. Tea Cup Cozies

Just a fun litte way to spruce up a cup. Perfect for any home lover and foodie.

gift idea cozies

5. Velvet Bracelets

Too lazy to be doing your DIY. How about buying DIY like those gorgeous holiday bracelets.

bow bracelet in shop

6. Homemade Candles

If this isn’t the season for candles I don’t know. How about making your own and being creative in form and smell and look?

homemade candles

7. Hand Stamped Napkins

During holidays we get all fancy and in my house it’s all about cloth napkins to get this festive feel. Here is how I made my dad some for last Christmas.

gift idea hand stamped napkin

8. Colorful T-Shirt

It looks a bit summery but this tutorial also works on sweaters. Maybe with a reindeer? (only in German)

gift idea shirt

9.  Cake Pop Ttuffles

For people who have everything it can be so complicated to find a gift. Or maybe you just need a little hostess gift for the Christmas party? Well here you go. (only in German)

p23_cake pop praline_b4

10. Fabric covered Bracelet

A girl can never have enough bracelets, right? And specially when they are made of fabric or leather matching the favorite shirt!

DIY fabric covered bracelets

Well so much for the round-up. Now its your turn the get started. Will you share if you do a project? I would love to see your version.

Happy crafting,



Saturday mornings are quiet around here. We sleep in and wake up when we feel like it. Mostly I am up way earlier than Mr. ♥ and its my time to write blog posts, take pictures or just think.

Last week was exhausting (I fell asleep at the couch twice) but yet filled with happy moments.

It started of with a nice get together at my parents house and my mom went crazy on baking cookies. Since I haven’t come around to it this year it was great and we even got a little bag to take home. Dad also introduced me to whiskey.

Of course every morning I am excited to open my DIY advent calendar by my fellow blogging friends and it’s just so amazing. All those ideas. Lets have a look what I found:

DIY advent calender 6 & 7

#6 some fabric tags by Undine | undiversell #7 was my number and I packed my Lettering Christmas Cards and was given this red crochet heart key chain. Unfortunately I don’t know by who.

DIY advent calender 8 & 9

#8 3D paper tags with heart by Michaela | michaelavoit #9 a hazelnut necklace (I love it!) makes one feel like Cinderella and sugar for my tea and a DIY bookmark by Madeleine | dekorausch

DIY advent calender 10 & 11

#10 Christmas ornament made by Steffi | hauptsachemeer #11 tomato herb pesto kit by Miri

DIY advent calender 12

#12 a tiny wooden house ensemble with candle and star by Karin | fadenspielundfingerwerk. I am so in love with this one. It made it to my winter wonderland on the window sill and I will light it tonight when it gets dark.

I also had some nice lunches this week. And a lunch can make so happy, no?

Lunchtime favorites käsespätzle and reuben sandwich

Traditional Käsespätzle and a Reuben Sandwich.

And then there was St. Nicholas last weekend. I was part of the #DIYnikolauswichteln Annett hosted on her blog. My secret santa was Verena blogging on hamburgvoninnen. Unfortunately the package only arrived on Wednesday. One happy moment for sure. Look at all the goodies!

Nikolauswichteln von hamburgvoninnen

Thank you Verena I really enjoy them all. The stars will make it to my Christmas Tree, the Gingerbread man however will not live to see Christmas Eve. The pompoms complete my little winter wonder land on my window sill and the notebook waits for its calling. And the rum cake… well I still need breakfast.

My week was spoiled with little gifts of people I don’t know. And that is the real happiness right here. In a world where lot of terrible things happen, where often you wonder what will become of mankind those little gestures to people you do not know can make all the different. I believe in it but I often forget.

Wishing you a wonderful advent weekend and i will hop over and see what Denise has been up to.

Happy candle lighting,


PS For some happiness yourself make sure to enter my giveaway I am hosting!

Baked Apple Pie with Pudding Filling | Bratapfelkuchen

It’s Saint Nicholas Day! Did you clean your shoes?

I used to think as a kid that you were only supposed to clean your shoes one day in the year – the night of December 5th. I now know it can happen more often but I find myself on the floor and cleaning all my shoes just that night every year.

Back when we were kids we usually had more than one pair out and of course the biggest boots we could find. Unfortunately we only had one pair filled. One boot was usually candy and chocolate and the other shoe was kinda boring with nuts, apples and if we were lucky an orange. But even though this wasn’t too exciting I was so sad when one year my apple was missing.

baked apple pie | bratapfelkuchen

Today I didn’t find an apple in my shoe. It’s ok though. In case you didn’t have one let me share this wonderful baked apple pie | Bratapfelkuchen recipe with you. It is wonderful. And even though quite heavy it doesn’t feel like it and is nice change in all the ginger bread and chocolate-sugar covered cookies.

Ingredients for the dough

♥ 250g flour
♥ 100g sugar (I only used 70g)
♥ 150g butter
♥ 1 egg
♥ 1/2 tsp baking powder

Ingredients for the filling

♥ 8 small apples
♥ 1 glass of cranberries (I used dried cranberries)
♥ 125g marzipan (optional)
♥ 2 packages of vanilla pudding pullover for cooking
♥ 250 ml milk
♥ 500 ml cream
♥ 125 ml sugar ( I used 100g)
♥ 1 package of vanilla sugar
♥ 1 tbs powdered sugar
♥ almonds

baked apple pie | bratapfelkuchen top

Now lets get baking:

  1. Combine all ingredients for the dough. Wrap in plastic and cool about 30 min in the fridge. Then put the dough in your baking pan and don’t forget to go up the sides. Just like any pie.
  2. Peel your apples and use this fancy tool to make holes * in the middle of an apple. When you are done fill with marzipan and cranberries and almonds. Place apples on your dough.
  3. Heat milk, cream, sugar, vanilla sugar and pudding powder in a pot and stir continuously until boiling. Remove from heat and pour over your apples so the gaps are filled. Add a bit of brown sugar and almonds.
  4. Bake in preheated oven (180°C / 350°F) for 40-50 minutes. Let cool for 4-5 hours before serving.

I am usually no fan of pudding in my cake but this one is a great exception. What is your favorite cake during advent?

Happy St. Nicholas and cake munching,


PS: and don’t forget to enter my give-away for a self-created calendar or notebook.