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After blogging the entire month in November for NaBloPoMo and then taking off a day felt weird. So here I’m again. But don’t get used to it – there won’t be daily blog posts. Ha. I am trying to catch up on work and work ahead of time to take off time staring December 17th. Let’s see how good that will work – as a freelancer it is not always possible but I am determined to make it happen. And as always my plans and thing I want to do and craft are piling up. Why is this season always so short. We have month of summer but that have to cram in the best time of the year in 4 weeks. Not fair. Lets see how my currently in December looks like. Thank you Anne for making us think about decoratingfeelingsendingsmelling, and wrapping.

Busted. I have not decorated a single thing. Well I have lights up but they are hanging in the kitchen window since December 2019 or even earlier. I also have a paper star at the living room door that I forgot to put back in the box last year.Other than that nothing. Did I mention I have a bit of work?

Last weekend I was into a crafting Christmas zone though. My parents – currently in infected by covid and in quarantine – have gotten a little care package delivered that included Christmas decorations, pine twigs, candles, Cookes and yummy Kermakakku. Then I made another floral arrangement for my sister which we visited on Sunday. And when we got back late at night I just wasn’t up to it. I didn’t even put my eucalyptus and red berry twigs in the water. I guess too late now.

But I d not want to complain. I know I find time and peace some of these days. Maybe the weekend. Anyone else feels like one has to be in the right mood to put up Christmas decorations? If it is another task all the fun is gone. at least for me.

Quite alright after having such long work days. And after today went totally differnet than planned when I wanted to just air the apartment for a few minutes and suddenly the kitchen door slams and out falls the glass inlay. For the next 3 hours I was just trying to hunt down all the glass pieces that of course were blown into every single room except my husbands office. He had the door closed because he was in a call. Well, lucky him.

After that I needed a break and could have just sat on the couch with a book. But work.

However that is not what I was feeling. Throughout the whole thing I actually kept my humor, laughed a lot and smiled and took it totally easy. Couldn’t help it anyways. I usually get angry at things that I can’t control but this time I was just calm. Cleaned of the mess and put it behind me. I mean it is still not a cool thing and the dazzle with my landlord and the insurance is nothing I look forward to but at least no one was hurt. So yeah looks like when things get crazy I find my calm.

lots and lots of cards this season. If you follow a long for more than a year you already now. I always sent out my handwritten Christmas cards to dear friends and family nearby and afar. For my freelance business I have only one real marketing thing and that is also sending out handwritten cards for New Years. And then I did sign up this year to send some extra cards to elderly people in retirement homes and care facilities that have no one thinking of them. So over all I assume I am coming close to 160 cards or so.

Now I haven’t started yet. And I haven’t made any Christmas cards yet either. But I am going to use up all the leftovers and see how far that takes me. I want to minimize a bit on my craft stock and this is a good way.

Candles. Cookies. And snow.
So basically I am smelling Christmas.

Well I light a candle every day when I sit down at the computer to start my workday. And that candle burns till I shut it and leave the (home) office behind. So If you stuck in a room with a candle for a while you know how it smells. I don’t like fragrant candles as they usually trigger a migraine. but I love my candle. Makes me happy.

And then of course cookies. I baked my Nougat Buttons last weekend and I have almost eaten them all. And I hope I can make some of my all time favorite Chai cookies before Christmas is here. What is your favorite cookie recipe for the holidays?

The first presents already. I have really started on getting everything gathered earlier this year and so I have a lot of presents occupying my floor that nee to be wrapped. I have printed a version of my modern lineart calendar (a freebie for my blog friends) as well as the traditional photo calendar my parents receive. Also I have selected a few books and have a handful of DIYs lined up. I feel rather good this year about how far I am. I am hoping that once I do have time off that I can actually do a few more lovely crafts and gift more. Fingers crossed. Or maybe I just sit in my new reading chair and fly through one Christmas book after the next. Who knows.

I also did some wrapping for my Secret Santa Mug Swap partner Tanja. What a fun thing to send a little something aka a mug to someone and surprise with a bit of holiday cheer. I was also to unwrap my secret Santa today and already look forward having my morning coffee in my new mug. It is a very cool one, isn’t it. And best of all is that I was handmade in Thailand as part of project to ge help get people out of poverty and into steady jobs. I have to read up a bit more on this El Puente project. Maybe I also find the last Christmas presents there. Thank you Andrea for sending such a lovely gift to me.

And that is how December currently looks like. Full of stuff, happy moments, a bit of overwhelm and lots of ideas. Hope your December is filled with lots of joy and happiness .

Happy Holidays my online friends


12 thoughts on “Currently in December

  1. Oh the door situation sounds…so frustrating. Glass gets everywhere. Glad you were able to stay calm thoughtout. This feels a lot like the broken pipe/water in the basement experience I had last weekend. I was SO grateful throughout, but this week I’ve felt really tired/grumpy and I wonder of some of it is latent frustration over what happened? Sigh.

    I have baked NOTHING for Christmas and really do feel like I need to start moving the needle on this activity. Your cookies looked so delicious! I know they wouldn’t last anytime at all in my house.

    Hope you have a great weekend. And isn’t the SecretSantaSwap just…so fun!?! I woke up to an e-mail from the recipient of my SecretSanta gift and it was just so sweet and has already made my day brighter.
    Elisabeth recently posted…Here’s a Thought: Try Giving The Same Gift (But Different) Every YearMy Profile

    1. I am sorry you had a broken pipe (I seem to have missed a couple posts from you *sigh*). I guess sit was similar. Nothing that you really need and totally messes up the day but than what can you do. Just get through it and come out on the other side.

      I hope you get to bake some cookies this weekend. It is always fun but I wish all the labor would last longer.

      Have a great weekend yourself. I just had a coffee from my secret Santa mug followed by some tea I received. I think that is a good start. I have to drop a letter to my secret Santa as she seems to not be on Social Media. Enjoy your day.

  2. Oh no, I am so sorry to hear your parents have Covid and are in quarantine mode. I hope they’re feeling alright? How kind of you to send them a little care package!

    In case it makes you feel better, I haven’t decorated yet either… but I want to get on it this weekend. I am super-impressed that you’ll be sending 160 (!) cards this year. All handmade?? Wow! I wish I could find time and energy again for that (as I mentioned before, my creative mojo is at an all time low these days).

    I am so stoked you received your Secret Santa Package – it makes me so happy to see all of you get sweet little packages in the mail this holiday season. I think so far I know that 5 packages (out of 13) arrived! Hoorayl

    1. Thank you San. They are doing alright because they are vaccinated. I am very thankful.

      I won’t send out a60 handmade cards. No. For my business I have them printed (self-designed) and I will use up left overs from the last 3 years. Only the private cards will be handmade entirely. However all are (planned) to be handwritten. I just made a master plan on how many I need to write each day. Which me luck. Since most of it is business staff I calculated time for that in my regular work hours.

      I am looking forward to seeing more secret Santas pop up everywhere. So fun.

  3. I’m sorry that your parents are dealing with Covid and I hope they recover well. And that door situation sounds beyond frustrating. Way to go on keeping your cool. That’s HUGE! Also, 160 is AMAZING!!! We’ve sent out 90 this year and that feels like a lot.
    Natasha recently posted…#AMonthofFaves: Moments of 2021My Profile

    1. 90 cards is a lot too. I may have to recalculate as the number does seem a bit highly. Thank you for your wishes. My parents are feeling better.
      The door is indeed a but frustrating but I couldn’t change it.

  4. I’m impressed that you managed to stay calm when that door broke, because I know I would have been stressing out so much! Those chai cookies sound so good! My favourite Christmas cookies are speculaas, which sound a bit similar with all those spices! I hope your parents are recovering well and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

    1. Trank you Bella, they are doing alright considering.
      I love speculaas too but these are actually tasting very different. They are not so dry. But I assume you’d like them.

  5. Your description of December is so perfect- full of happy moments, and overwhelm. I love this month but also have so much to do! I have decorated the inside of my house but still have to do the outside. I’ve bought some Christmas presents, still need to buy more, and have not started wrapping. And I have lots of baking to do! I’m hoping to have a bake-a-thon this weekend.
    160 CARDS??? You really have a lot to do! I can’t wait to hear how it all works out. Best wishes to your parents- I hope they’re doing okay. It must be worrying for you. Good luck with everything and I hope you can enjoy the season!

    1. This year is so full and I still haven’t decorated or replied here nor to speak if catching up with my online friends.

      Hope you had a chance to do some baking already.

      Luckily my parents are well again and handled Covid rather well. Dad is still a bit tired but all looks good. Thank you for your wishes

  6. I’m so sorry to hear your parents had Covid. Hope they are better and could have a lovely Christmas.
    Those mugs are so pretty and 160 cards – WOW!
    It is so frustrating when glass breaks as it goes everywhere but glad you kept your sense of humour.

    1. Yes my parents got through it rather well. So glad.
      The door things is annoying but I am trying to keep my humor as it makes it less annoying

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