Bye Bye NaBloPoMo – It’s a wrap

recap Nablopomo challenge

And just like that November is over and I finished another NaBloPoMo challenge. It is always surprising how – once you are in the middle of a challenge the end is coming up so fast. A lot of fun posts appeared on this blog in the past 30 days. One of my creative role models Elise Blaha Cripe always says “creativity is breeding creativity” and I couldn’t agree more. I have so many ideas of blogposts and just couldn’t write them all.

But for me those kinds of challenges are not only because I want to push myself. To allow myself time to blog, write and be creative. The best thing about this sort of challenge is always finding other like-minded people. And again this year there was a small group of people I got to know (hi Elisabeth, hey Jen) and know better (hallo San, hey there Stephanie) in the process of this writing exercise. So many different blogs, everyone having unique thoughts, sharing life and giving glimpses into the life they life. It makes you think about new things, challenges your own beliefs and gives you ideas. And this is the main thing for blogging. Or at least it is for me. Seeing a kind of world and life I wouldn’t be able otherwise.

In case you missed any of my posts in this years NaBlopPo Challenge here is the list:

  1. 10 things you don’t know about me – unfortunately I have deleted this post.
  2. October Reflections and November Intentions
  3. October Books – What I read
  4. Currently in November
  5. Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Salmon
  6. Modern natural wreath with acorn hats
  7. Notebook collection
  8. Pet Peeves and other annoyances
  9. Small Town Charm – a stroll through Nossdorf
  10. My favorite Instagram Accounts
  11. What made me stop scrolling lately
  12. Corona Diaries – Month 20
  13. My Christmas wishlist
  14. 25 Things about me as a reader
  15. Birthday Present for Mom – a dinner
  16. Handmade Christmas Cards
  17. Everyday life on a random day
  18. Clearing my mind – strategies
  19. Foods of the year
  20. Homemade Tea Blends
  21. Printable Lineart Calendar 2022
  22. DIY House Lanterns for Christmas
  23. Change and moving forward
  24. Let’s play – Christmas Bingo
  25. Lunch Date with Mr. ♡
  26. My new favorite Spot
  27. My Winter Bucket List 2021
  28. Sisterly Tradition – Volunteering at the Christmas Factory
  29. Nougat Buttons – Christmas Cookie Recipe
  30. This recap

Now are you interested in doing in the NaBloPoMo fun next year? You should it really is fun. We would love to have more people join.

Enjoy your last day of November


8 thoughts on “Bye Bye NaBloPoMo – It’s a wrap

  1. Tobia, it was a pleasure doing NaBLoPoMo with you! It was so much fun- I agree with everything you said. It was fascinating to get a glimpse into other people’s lives. I also ended the month with a couple ideas for blog posts that I didn’t have time for- how did that happen? I really think we should encourage more people to do it next year- it was some extra work, but totally worth it.

    1. I am on board with gathering an even bigger crowed next year. But even our small group has been so much fun. I will hop over and see what other posts you had ideas for and that will hopefully pop up soon on your blog.

  2. I am DEFINITELY planning on doing this next year.
    I only started blogging a few months ago so I wasn’t prepared or in the right headspace to think about a commitment of writing every day (I also started a new job in October, so the last few months have been extra overwhelming)…but I LOVED following along with all the participants in NaBloPoMo. It’s such a fun concept, a great way to get to hear new voices, and I also think it was just such a treat to know certain people were going to be writing EVERY day.
    Loved it (and also think it was such a great idea to recap all your posts above; you had some great, great ideas/crafts/insights/recipes and more this month). Can’t wait to hear some of those great ideas you couldn’t fit in to NaBloPoMo show up in the coming months :)
    Elisabeth recently posted…Peek Into Our Christmas: Favourite Holiday MoviesMy Profile

    1. Thank you Elisabeth. It really was a fun way to connect and you should definitely come join for next year. But even this year you blogged almost daily, didn’t you? At least it felt like it to me. I will try to do some of the posts in December as they are more Christmas related. Lets see how that goes with everything going on. Thank you for reading along this month.

  3. Yes, the challenge and coming up with posts is fun… but the most fun part for me is also finding new people and/or getting to know people better! Thank you so much for joining me these last few years. I knew I could always count on you :)

    I do hope I’ll have the foresight to start early and try to get more people to participate again next year!

    P.S. What happened to your first post? Did you delete it on purpose or by accident?

    1. Yes we should definitely talk about it a lot during spetember and October. I already know a handful who might want to join if there is a bit of preparation time. It is always fun to do this challenge together and I am so glad you infected me. On to the next one.

      The app and the desktop version didn’t sync probaerly and it the post was as draft in the app even though it was published for days. when I checked it was also under published ones in the app and so I deleted the draft. Apparently WordPress decided to sync that.

  4. Well done on NaBloPoMo! It looks like alot of fun and I often think about joining in. Then November arrives and the time just flies.
    Maybe next year I will finally do it!

    1. You should definitely join. It is so so much fun. I promise to remind you in summer so you have enough time to prepare. Even better start a running list of blog post ideas now and you are all ready to go when November comes around. Looking forward having you in our group.

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