Green Tea Nectarine Slush

green tea nectarine slush

Remember my New Years resolution? Well I do and I feel a bit ashamed that my #2 goal has been putting more distance between me and fulfillment.

And during this kind of weather I’m just craving ice cream any time of day. So I came up with a healthy solution

Green Tea Nectarine Slush

green tea nectarine slush

You need:
1 liter of green tea – I prefer a bit stronger taste for this one
2 nectarines
Sparkling water

First you have to freeze you tea aka make green tea ice cubes. Now the hard part: wait
Cut up nectarines and put in blender, add about 8 ice cubes and 150 ml sparkling water. Blend till ice cubes are slushy and enjoy.

I bet this would taste good with watermelon or cherries… What fruit would you use?

Have a great weekend,

Last Minute Christmas Present * Vanilla Green Tea

gift idea homade vanilla green tea

Hey there,

are you in the middle of a christmas rush? Getting the tree decorated, the gifts wrapped and shopping lists written? I am still wondering if we should get a christmas tree. I love it when we have one but I really don’t feel like decorating this year. And I don’t have any candles yet and that can be a pain in the a** one day prior. But gift wrapping is on my agenda today.

And I do have a quick last minute christmas present. For all those surprise visitors or if time runs out or if you plainly forgot. Here it comes:

Vanilla Green Tea

♥ Green Tea (I got mine here)
♥ Vanilla bean

last minute christmas present

All you have to do is scrape out the seeds and mix well with the green tea. (Best practice: Put it in a jar and shake like crazy!) Now cut up the vanilla bean in tini-tiny pieces and mix under your green tea. And you are done…

last minute christmas present

Now you have all the time to decorate your gift box or container. Need ideas? Check out my Pinterest board Gift Wrapping Mania. You could also sew little tea bags like I’ve done last year with my chai tea. Whatever you come up with – have fun and enjoy our 4. Advent.

On a side note: this would be a wonderful gift for yourself. I bet you deserve it!

Cheers, Tobia

Spicy Winter Drink that looks pretty {MMI #2}

spicy winter drink

Every morning I have my morning coffee. While I drink that one I check my mail, surf a few blogs and suddenly I realized it’s been an hour or something and I am running late for what ever is on my agenda this day. If I stay home i usually have green tea right after my coffee.

Today however I wanted to spice things up. So I looked around and saw some ginger hidden underneath all those apples.

Here is my Spicy Winter Drink I came up with:

spicy winter drink


♥ ginger about 3 cm
♥ cinnamon stick
♥ pink peppercorns
♥ sliced clementine (added after I took the picture)

Well instructions goes without saying, huh. Put in a pot and ass boiling water. The smell is amazing. The drink is spicy. You could add a bit of honey to soften it a bit.

spicy winter drink

Well, this is what I like on this Wednesday and so I add it to the Wednesdays-I-like link party.

Have a great Wednesday afternoon, Tobia

Vanilla HOT CHOCOLATE { color me happy }

vanilla bean

Oh my … it is the last day of October and I just remembered the color me happy photo challenge. Haven’t linked anything yet. Last year I’ve ordered a million 50 vanilla beans.

vanilla bean

I used them for baking, I’ve bottled vanilla sirup, keep a supply of vanilla sugar and I’m still having plenty.

vanilla beanLately I’ve been drinking more hot chocolate. I’m a little weird special when it comes to hot chocolate! Blame it on my grandma. I’ve always hated milk. As a child. And today. But only when it looks like milk. So a glass of white stuff just gives me chills and turns my stomach. My grandma – being the cunning woman she was – invented semolina soup and “real hot cocoa”. Until today I only drink it when it’s made her way. By now I’ve figured out her secret recipe.

vanilla bean

I usually use (for a very big cup) 3 tsp cocoa, 1 tsp brown sugar (you can use more but I don’t like it that sweet). Boil milk. Mix some of the warm milk with the cocoa. Make sure there are no lumps. Add remaining milk. Voilà and done. Now comes “my invention”: add seeds of vanilla bean! Didn’t see that one coming, huh?! My vanilla hot chocolate!

Puh that was close. More chocolate can be found here.

Love, Tobia


Refreshing Cucumber Lemonade {Lemonade Party}

cucumber lemonade | vodka cucumber lemonade

I know, I know!

I have promised my favorite pink lemonade. Change of plans. It is too hot and this lemonade is a real refresher. I came across this recipe when planning my waffle-lemonade-party-bash. And it’s one of my favorites ever since. And sooo easy.

cucumber lemonade | vodka cucumber lemonade

When I first read the ingredients for cucumber lemonade I was not sure at all. This is supposed to taste good?

♥ one cucumber, peeled, deseeded, diced
♥ 1/4 cup lime juice
♥ 1/4 sugar (or less)
♥ 1 tbsp agave sirup
♥ 2 cups of water

cucumber lemonade | vodka cucumber lemonade

1. Add water, sugar and cucumber into a blender and puree.
2. Add lime juice and agave sirup and mix well.
3. Enjoy.

Advise: Really do add the agave sirup! This is the secret to the drink. It taste so yummy. If your worried it will get too sweet, leave the sugar. 

You know what the best thing about this cucumber lemonade is? Vodka! When the sun sets and you enjoy the heated summer night on your balcony, terrace or at a picnic at a lakes shore, add a splash of vodka and life is just great.

I will be patiently waiting until it’s time to add some booth and enjoy the rest of the sunday. All of you have a great start into the next week.