June Reflections and July Intentions

Grace 2021 time for those resolution green leavery

Ans just like that we are in the second half of this year. It is always mind boggling to me how time flies when you are older and drags on while you are child. Remember this long long days, weeks months we had to wait until the next birthday was coming around. And now I feel like I can not even sleep in piece because of all the stress and to-dos that are in my life. Or maybe I am just in an overwhelmed phase. Who knows. Anhow time to do the June Reflections and July intentions to get some clarity on what I want to achieve or maybe NOT achieve.

I have a quote today from my favorite author today.

So sind wir an der Wurzel verfault, vielleicht nicht du als du und nicht ich als ich, aber wir als wir beide.

Die Frau mit dem roten Tuch, Jostein Gaarder

JUNE Reflections

Reflecting on my set intentions.

  • I will commit to 3 days a week of 5 minute exercises (don’t judge I need to start low).
    Mhm I am not sure if I can say 3 days a week and I am to lazy to reconstruct. However the fitness app tells me I had 9:40 hours of training. It includes walking but still. I did do a bit of Hula Hoop again, also some Yoga. So I’d. say I can put a check on this goal.
  • I will look through my closet and identify 10 items I can let go.
    Didn’t I put that on here before? Well won’t be the last time since I didn’t do it. Instead I went one a shopping spree. To be fair it was one after many month of not getting a thing. But still I need to go through the closet and get rid of a few things.
  • I will minimize the many files on my laptop by taking 15 minutes a week to do so.
    Oh man I did. Spent hours deleting and sorting and you know what. I am still 131 file with 135 GB in my download file alone. I guess this intention needs to make a reappearance as well. However I check it as success in June.
  • I will improve my self-confidence by working through an eBook or a course in the mind shine app.
    Nope. I didn’t have the brain space for any deep work. I am so restless and unbalanced right now it wouldn’t be the right time.
  • I will listen to my body and try to eat more intentionally, move, relaxe when it feels right.
    Well, partly successful I guess. Eating more intentionally? Does ice cream cravings count? However I did try to relaxe when migraines hit went to bed early. But overall I didn’t feel I did a good job here.
  • I will do the little prompts on the Joyful June calendar.
    Started out strong and than it sizzled out. As I mentioned so restless and unfocused right now.

How did I incorporate my word of the year GRACE?

It is alway toughest for me to make this list. But it’s exactly the point why I included it in my reflections. I want to stay true to my word of the year and often times it gets lost in the middle of the year.

  • I gave myself permission to have a wonderful birthday.
  • I am working on being graceful to my body. I won’t be able to change appearance much at least not quickly.
  • I sewed myself some shorts – something I never wore in public until now.
  • I informed our traveling neighbors on a rainstorm that was leaving our apartment flooded.
  • I smiled more often to people I was passing on the street and while being out walking the park.
  • I went to bed early when I felt tired, exhausted and cranky.

JULY Intentions

After much reflecting it is time to plan the future.

  • I will take better care of my energy levels and incorporate breaks and quiet time.
  • I will walk more than 10.000 steps on at least six days in July.
  • I will read one 500+ page book for #dickesbüchercamp run by Nordbreze.
  • I will do a breezing meditation before falling asleep.
  • I will work on my listening skills when in conversations.
  • I will leave my comfort zone and sit at the beach in swim wear.
  • I will spend a wonderful week with my best friend and her kids in our country home.

It’s a full month with many things I want to do while at the same time take care of myself. I believe the balance will be my biggest struggle as I have a lot of stuff going on at work and might have put too much on my plate there. Even more important to find some relaxing moments in my free time that rejuvenate me.

I am hoping you have a wonderful summer time and many moments of lovely memories to cherish for many years to come. As always drop a comment and let me know one thing you wish to do in July.

Happy summer


May Reflections and June Intentions

Grace 2021 time for those resolution green leavery

I can finally sit outside on the balcony again and write my blogposts. It has been a cold and rainy May but with the start of June it is looking like the sun will stay. Or at least the warmer temperatures. Also it looks like Covid is finally on the decline. By Friday life is getting more or less back to normal. While I am not sure what that entails it is definitely a bit of a happy message to receive. So let’s start the new month with May reflections and June intentions. Let’s go.

But before I dive into that here is my favorite quote this month.


April Reflections and May Intentions

Grace 2021 time for those resolution green leavery

Maybe today isn’t the best day to write my April reflections and May intentions after having a crappy day yesterday. But then, what if it is the perfect day? What if, picking yourself up and starting out again is actually the biggest achievement we can do. Not only at the beginning of the month but daily.

As alway here is a quote that hit close to the heart in April.


March Reflections and April Intentions

Grace 2021 time for those resolution green leavery

Time flies when you are having fun. It also flies when you are busy with work and not much else happens. Spring is around the corner and sun rays are hitting the face. It looks like life is blooming again. Hope is emerging. But we are still in the deepest deep of a pandemic. At least here in Germany. But we are making the most of what’s possible and the March reflections and April intentions are a good way to keep focus. At least for me. And maybe you want to join in. Feel free.

But before I dive into a new list here is a quote that resonated with me this past month.


February Reflections and March Intentions

Grace 2021 time for those resolution green leavery

How was your February? For me it seems like currently time just drags on. The monotonomy of the every day makes me so tired. I feel all my energy is drained constantly. And so it feels time is passing slowly. I could often fall asleep in an instant. Many times do. Everything is just so uneventful. But then we already check of February. So time does pass. Does it pass without anything happen or is that just a misconception though. I am not sure.

Before I dive into the things I got done how I intentionally lived by my word this year – lets start off with this quote: